After unexpectedly winning the Audience Award at the Saxon Founders’ Award event in 2019, just a few days before our founding, we took another run at the 20th anniversary of the Saxon Founders’ Award in 2020. This year, we wanted to convince not only the audience but also the expert jury of the innovative power of our company and its great market potential. In fact, we made it into the top 15 in the first round of judging with a record participation of 126 start-ups vying for the prize. This gave us the opportunity to present our idea once again in person to the jury, and to shoot an image film.

Then, on July 8, 2020, the Innovation Conference with the awarding of the top 3 took place —  as an online event for the first time, due to Covid-19 — with only the nominated teams on site. In accordance with our pathologically optimistic attitudes, we took the chance and organized an in-house public viewing event on the occasion of our first Peerox birthday, with all Peers present.

So while Markus and Andre were watching the award ceremony by Martin Dulig (Minister of State for Economy, Labor and Transport of the Free State of Saxony) and Marina Heimann (Managing Director of FutureSax) live at the Dresden Fair, the team of now 11(!) other Peers were preparing a delicious dinner at our Peero in RoboLab and warming up.

So in different places, but still together, we celebrated our young Peerox winning the 3rd place award. Back in the office, everyone celebrated until late into the night and looked back on the crazy last twelve months. A great first year, a great team, and unbroken curiosity make us look forward to the next steps together.

Every year, the “Stadtradeln” campaign invites cyclists to compete, evaluate their own CO2 emissions, and exercise together. Just in time for the company’s first birthday, Team Peerox is at the start for the first time! We are very proud of the fact that even though we now have twelve Peers in our Peero, we occupy less than one car parking space on average. Instead, we’ve made ourselves at home in the bike parking lot, and will pedal hard and add a few more bike kilometers to our usual workload over the next few days!


In the meantime, the “Stadtradeln 2020” campaign has come to an end. We Peers have avoided 159 kg of CO2 in the past three weeks and have not behaved any differently than usual. If you extrapolate that over the course of the year, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by over 2.5 tons just by commuting by bike. This makes us so proud that we spared no expense, ink, or effort to donate the first Peerox-Internal Challenge Cup.

The Golden Air Pump will be passed on each year to the Peer with the most kilometers ridden in the city cycling event.

And that’s just the horizontal…additionally, our “Peero” is located about 140 meters above the Dresden city center!

The combination of ideas from different minds and know-how from different disciplines produces real innovations.
Based on this conviction, we at Peerox advocate a very collaborative way of working, and try to develop new solutions together with experts in different fields. At the same time, we realize that due to the turbulence, intensiveness, and urgency of daily business, we are often distracted from the really important things–the further development of our product and business model.

Therefore, at the end of 2019, we decided to organize a “coding camp” in the first full working week of 2020. In collaboration with colleagues from IVV, freelancers, project partners, and pilot customers, we wanted to make progress on technical issues and help conceptual thoughts on the product and business model mature. At the same time, potential future Peers had the opportunity to get to know us, our MADDOX and our way of working better. Furthermore, the official inauguration of our new office in shared company with our supporters was on the agenda.

To our surprise and great joy, on Monday and Thursday we were able to host up to 15 guests in total in our new office . In large and small groups we discussed, worked, ranted, rejected, drew, ate pizza, drank beer, and laughed. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who made this wonderful coding camp possible — often in your spare time! — through your personal commitment.

On January 1, 2020, six months after founding our company, we moved into our first exclusive Peerox office. After hiring the first Peers in October and December 2019, we needed a domicile where we could work together. We found what we were looking for at RoboLab, the startup hub of Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH in Dresden. There, in a 51m² furnished office, we found an ideal home for our now 7-Peer team. At up to 10 workstations, we can work together in an innovative, creative atmosphere to bring our vision and our MADDOX forward and on the road.

The RoboLab is located within walking distance of our parent institute, the Fraunhofer IVV Dresden. There, our colleagues work intensively in various research projects on innovative technologies of the future. The trusting and close cooperation with our colleagues is still very important to us. That is why we regularly sit together, discuss the work involved in our different projects with each other, and exchange contacts. This enables us to build up a large joint network and to address forward-looking research questions, as well as to provide concrete support in the short term. The spatial proximity greatly facilitates this cooperation.

Needless to say, it is important for our Peerox team to move from decentralized, remote-based work to a shared daily routine. As a result, we can now make decisions, share ideas, and discuss them much more efficiently.

To kick things off, there was a joint all-day breakfast with a team workshop on wishes, requirements, rules of the game, and processes.

The first acid test of our new presentation layout in the Peerox corporate design was our application pitch deck for the Logitech Startup Competition in September. And bingo! In November, along with two other award-winning startups, we were able to receive our prize from the hands of Frank Thelen in Bonn. The one-hour meet and greet was a great opportunity to talk about startups and venture capital with perhaps the most visionary pragmatist on the scene. The topics ranged from the widespread bullshit bingo in pitch decks to the impressive vision of changing Europe and the world for the better through strategic investments in suitable companies with 10+x billion potential.

Our prize, the Rally professional video conferencing system, now presents us with a whole new set of challenges: Due to the UHD resolution, we will no longer be able to simply suggest good looks, but will probably have to actually deliver content in the future 😉

Many thanks to Logitech, as well as to the markenteam for the successful corporate design and to Frank for the valuable food for thought!

Meet & Greet with Frank Thelen at the Logitech award ceremony