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Our Guiding Principles

We are convinced that we can only realize our vision with the right Peers. Our idea of a really great job doesn’t have to be defined in the same way for everyone. Therefore, we would like to be open with our approaches in order to give an impression of how we envision collaboration.


As founders, we are on fire for our vision. We hope that our enthusiasm is contagious and creates an environment in which our Peers can feel comfortable and become self-actualized. This requires more than legally watertight employment contracts. It requires trust, honesty, and a common understanding of goals.

Freedom & Trust & Responsibility

The desire for freedom and self-responsibility motivated us to found Peerox. We want to decide with whom we work, when, where, and how much. We also want to offer this great freedom to our peers. At Peerox, everyone can decide for themselves when and where to work. That’s why we’ve also implemented unlimited paid vacation. Our entire infrastructure is also geared towards remote working. However, with this great freedom comes great responsibility to peers, our partners, and our customers. For ourselves, this freedom gives us a good sense of control over our own lives – and at the same time, doesn’t put the focus on the job as the sole only clock that counts.

Learning & Education

We are convinced that people motivate themselves through personal development. Not only our assistance system and business model are built on this assumption, but also the work in our own team. We have a blast, constantly educating ourselves and our Peers at high speed and taking ourselves to the next level. That’s why we focus on the personal development of each peer. That’s also why we’re constantly working on our onboarding process and assigning a personal mentor to each new Peer. In addition, regular retrospectives and employee appraisals give Peers the opportunity to advance their own development in small and large groups.

Compatibility of Work & Family

Work is not everything, nor is it the most important thing. Life inside and outside of Peerox can be dynamic and turbulent. To ensure that our Peers can go full throttle in all areas of life as well as meet all demands, we are constantly on the lookout for optimal solutions combined with a great deal of flexibility. Generally speaking, private time is not work time. It’s important to us that everyone gets enough relaxation time and can make use of it. For this reason, we have established clear rules regarding availability and overtime.

Culture of Error

Mistakes are the best basis for learning. That’s easy to say, but often difficult in reality. Who likes to admit to having made mistakes? According to the motto “If we don’t make mistakes, we’re too slow”, we still want to risk, try new things, and learn a lot. The only important thing is that we really learn from our mistakes. Ideally together. For this reason, we keep a Fuckup Diary. We regularly talk about failures and successful learning in the team. We communicate criticism openly and fairly, and discuss possible solutions together. This open and trusting culture of discussion helps us to reflect on ourselves and our work, and build trust with each other.

Cooperation Instead of Competition

There is an incredible number of exciting companies and technologies coming up in the world today. We are convinced that we can only achieve the necessary speed to develop by working with the right partners. Fear of competition, resentment, and envy often steer our power in the wrong direction. Therefore, we have built our product and business model modularly, and are always on the lookout for exciting partners so that we can focus on our strengths and build an even better product.

Many Clever Minds, One Common Goal

Each of us has different strengths and experiences. We want to make intensive use of these in the development process toward achieving our shared goals. The deal is: regardless of one’s own opinion, the team decision is ultimately supported 100%. It’s not about one’s own ego, it’s about the shared vision.

Change the World

Much in the world is going mightily wrong, from our point of view. Limited personal possibilities can quickly lead to frustration. We want to build a lever with our successful company–then just give us a place to stand, and we can move the world, as Archimedes said. We try to make a difference through our membership in the association ‘Economy for a Cosmopolitan Saxony’. In addition, we are collecting ideas for and implementing various activities in an internal project on “Corporate Social Responsibility” to make our contribution to a better world.

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