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Our Guiding Principles

We are con­vinced that we can only real­ize our vis­ion with the right Peers. Our idea of a really great job does­n’t have to be defined in the same way for every­one. There­fore, we would like to be open with our approaches in order to give an impres­sion of how we envi­sion collaboration.


As founders, we are on fire for our vis­ion. We hope that our enthu­si­asm is con­ta­gious and cre­ates an envir­on­ment in which our Peers can feel com­fort­able and become self-actu­al­ized. There­fore, more than leg­ally water­tight employ­ment con­tracts are required. Moreover, it requires trust, hon­esty, and a com­mon under­stand­ing of goals to main­tain a high level of passion.

Freedom & Trust & Responsibility

The desire for free­dom and self-respons­ib­il­ity motiv­ated us to found Peer­ox. We want to decide with whom we work, when, where, and how much. We also want to offer this great free­dom to our peers. At Peer­ox, every­one can decide for them­selves when and where to work. That’s why we’ve also imple­men­ted unlim­ited paid vaca­tion. Our entire infra­struc­ture is also geared towards remote work­ing. How­ever, with this great free­dom comes great respons­ib­il­ity to peers, our part­ners, and our cus­tom­ers. For ourselves, this free­dom gives us a good sense of con­trol over our own lives – and at the same time, does­n’t put the focus on the job as the sole only clock that counts.

Workshop for personal development and motivation in a company

Learning & Education

We are con­vinced that people motiv­ate them­selves through per­son­al devel­op­ment. Not only our assist­ance sys­tem and busi­ness mod­el are built on this assump­tion, but also the work in our own team. We have a blast, con­stantly edu­cat­ing ourselves and our Peers at high speed and tak­ing ourselves to the next level. That’s why we focus on the per­son­al devel­op­ment of each peer. Thats’s also why we’re con­stantly work­ing on our onboard­ing pro­cess and assign­ing a per­son­al ment­or to each new Peer. In addi­tion, reg­u­lar ret­ro­spect­ives and employ­ee apprais­als give Peers the oppor­tun­ity to advance their own devel­op­ment in small and large groups.

Compatibility of Work & Family

Work is not everything, nor is it the most import­ant thing. Life inside and out­side of Peer­ox can be dynam­ic and tur­bu­lent. Con­sequently, to ensure that our Peers can go full throttle in all areas of life as well as meet all demands, we are con­stantly on the lookout for optim­al solu­tions com­bined with a great deal of flex­ib­il­ity. Gen­er­ally speak­ing, private time is not work time. It’s import­ant to us that every­one gets enough relax­a­tion time and can make use of it. There­fore, we have estab­lished clear rules regard­ing avail­ab­il­ity and overtime.

Culture of Error

Mis­takes are the best basis for learn­ing. That’s easy to say, but often dif­fi­cult in real­ity. Who likes to admit to hav­ing made mis­takes? Accord­ing to the motto “If we don’t make mis­takes, we’re too slow”, we still want to risk, try new things, and learn a lot. The only import­ant thing is that we really learn from our mis­takes. Ideally togeth­er. For this reas­on, we keep a Fuckup Diary. We reg­u­larly talk about fail­ures and suc­cess­ful learn­ing in the team. We com­mu­nic­ate cri­ti­cism openly and fairly, and dis­cuss pos­sible solu­tions togeth­er. Cer­tainly, this open and trust­ing cul­ture of dis­cus­sion helps us to reflect on ourselves and our work, and build trust with each other.

Cooperation Instead of Competition

There is an incred­ible num­ber of excit­ing com­pan­ies and tech­no­lo­gies com­ing up in the world today. We are con­vinced that we can only achieve the neces­sary speed to devel­op by work­ing with the right part­ners. Fear of com­pet­i­tion, resent­ment, and envy often steer our power in the wrong dir­ec­tion. There­fore, we have built our product and busi­ness mod­el mod­u­larly, and are always on the lookout for excit­ing part­ners so that we can focus on our strengths and build an even bet­ter product.

Company achieves vision through cooperation

Many Clever Minds, One Common Goal

Each of us has dif­fer­ent strengths and exper­i­ences. We want to make intens­ive use of these in the devel­op­ment pro­cess toward achiev­ing our shared goals. The deal is: regard­less of one’s own opin­ion, the team decision is ulti­mately sup­por­ted 100%. In short, it’s not about one’s own ego, it’s about the shared vision.

Change the World

Much in the world is going migh­tily wrong, from our point of view. Lim­ited per­son­al pos­sib­il­it­ies can quickly lead to frus­tra­tion. We want to build a lever with our suc­cess­ful com­pany – then just give us a place to stand, and we can move the world, as Archimedes said. We try to make a dif­fer­ence through our mem­ber­ship in the asso­ci­ation ‘Eco­nomy for a Cos­mo­pol­it­an Sax­ony’. In addi­tion, we are col­lect­ing ideas for and imple­ment­ing vari­ous activ­it­ies in an intern­al pro­ject on “Cor­por­ate Social Respons­ib­il­ity” to make our con­tri­bu­tion to a bet­ter world.

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