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More than just a job

Your start with us

Currently we are not actively looking for new Peers. Nevertheless, we always keep our eyes and ears open. After all, we want to remain selective in the interest of our team. Therefore our motto is:

Better the right Peer at the wrong time than the wrong Peer at the right time.

We welcome every unsolicited application and the desire to get to know each other. Down below you can read why a job at peerox is more than just a job.
To get an impression of what our goals are with our Peers and what we require for accomplishing them, you can find a few of the last calls for applications here.

Getting to know each other

We take a lot of time to find the right peers (= employees). Moreover, it is important to us that not only your professional hard skills fit, but also that we fit your needs. If both of us have aroused our mutual curiosity, we would like to get to know you through relaxed conversation in a small group. Therefore, we would like to find out what drives you and what you have always wanted to do. Furthermore we are interested in what personal goal we can help you to achieve. Afterwards, we’ll pair you up with our respective subject matter experts and let you tap into each other’s professional expertise.

Onboarding process

Together we will discuss the following questions: What do we need? What are you looking for? What can you help us with? What can you learn from us? Then, if we feel like collaborating together would be a good idea, we would like to invite you to spend a day at Peerox. On this way you can experience our atmosphere and look behind the scenes.

If everything matches up, you will be part of this exciting, great journey. At this point, you will be assigned a mentor. We’ve also developed a fun onboarding process that will take you through our realm in small steps, introduce you to your colleagues, and give you a taste of the core tools and projects.

Guiding principles

In addition to professional hard skills, it is very important to us that our goals and values fit together. We offer a lot of freedom (e.g. unlimited paid vacation) and self-realization combined with a high level of responsibility towards our colleagues and our customers. Nevertheless, not everyone is made for that. That’s why we have set down our ideas in our guiding principles.

System architecture

Are you interested in what it looks like under the hood of MADDOX? Would you like to know which architecture, technology, and languages we work with? You can find detailed information about our system architecture here.

Product introduction at the customer's location

The introduction of MADDOX is more than just a software installation. In fact, it is about the revolution of knowledge management, communication, and data collection in the company. Rather than the customer having to adapt to MADDOX, MADDOX has to integrate itself into the existing ecosystem. You can find out how we do this in concrete terms and what challenges we solve in the process here.

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