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Peerox Founding Party and IVV Summer Festival

“Who is the team of a Star­tUp? It’s not just the founders them­selves and, if applic­able, the first employ­ees! It is also the devel­op­ment and pilot part­ners, ment­ors and fin­an­cial sup­port­ers, tax advisors, mar­ket­ing experts, bank and IHK advisors…in short: every­one who accom­pan­ies the Star­tUp a bit on its risky path and con­trib­utes to its success.”

(para­phrased from Jörg Schüler, CEO HighTech Start­bahn GmbH)

“…and above all the fam­il­ies who suf­fer from the demand­ing start-up peri­od”, we would like to add.
There­fore, we have invited our won­der­ful team to a big party – in con­nec­tion with the IVV sum­mer party – to thank you for the sup­port we have received from all sides and to toast with you to a suc­cess­ful future togeth­er. In this sense: Cheers and Peer­ox (Sax­on Angli­cism: beer rocks)!

There were also gifts: cook­ies with Peer­ox cook­ie cutters.

True to the Ger­man motto We get it baked togeth­er! (Engl. equi­val­ent: We will pull that off togeth­er!)

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