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Peerox Founding Party and IVV Summer Festival

“Who is the team of a StartUp? It’s not just the founders themselves and, if applicable, the first employees! It is also the development and pilot partners, mentors and financial supporters, tax advisors, marketing experts, bank and IHK advisors…in short: everyone who accompanies the StartUp a bit on its risky path and contributes to its success.”

(paraphrased from Jörg Schüler, CEO HighTech Startbahn GmbH)

“…and above all the families who suffer from the demanding start-up period”, we would like to add.
Therefore, we have invited our wonderful team to a big party – in connection with the IVV summer party – to thank you for the support we have received from all sides and to toast with you to a successful future together. In this sense: Cheers and Peerox (Saxon Anglicism: beer rocks)!

There were also gifts: cookies with Peerox cookie cutters.

True to the German motto We get it baked together! (Engl. equivalent: We will pull that off together!)

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