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Project Manager (m/f/d)

"Spezi without bubbles"

At Peerox, we focus on our employees (=peers) – both our own and those of our customers! Passion and motivation through personal development are inherent to our basic purpose, and we implement both in our product and company development. This requires a very special kind of person – and that is exactly what we are looking for!

What is our goal for you?

We want to make you an outstanding project manager.

Your Importance For The Team

You take the position of our customer in our team. That means you understand where the shoe pinches and how much. Thus help our team to prioritize the tasks correctly, and consequently make our product better and better. Finally, you can put yourself in other people’s shoes and find customer-oriented solutions with the available resources.

Our Swiss Army Knife

You have built up a broad network in different domains. For every question you know someone somewhere in the world who can help you. You can lead, motivate, and guide people. This makes you a role model, paves the way for new peers with your own strategies, and is an essential part of the Peerox success story. You master your highly dynamic, exciting work life with many business trips, clear schedules, and spontaneous firefighting missions with a terrific work-life balance. You take your breaks and are able to organize yourself and others.

The Clock Generator

Along with our growing Peerox, you will be able to equip international production sites worldwide with MADDOX. It is no problem for you to keep an eye on a large number of open sites. With the help of learned methods and a lot of experience, you will immediately recognize where which action is necessary. You are not the driven one, but rather the clock generator, and thus the conductor of a large orchestra that ensures that people all over the world can and want to work with MADDOX.

What do we need for this?

Project Management Experience

Your task is to introduce MADDOX as a tool into the everyday life of our customers and users. This requires some practical experience in project management; you know how to plan and structure large projects in theory. But you also know what reality looks like. With a good mix of creative and sustainable, structured solutions, you will always reach your goal despite complex obstacles. Unforeseen problems do not shock you. They drive you and motivate you to come up with clever ideas. The bigger and more complex a project is, the more it appeals to you.

Sense For People

You are able to establish a basis of trust with our customers and users. Your ability to observe and listen and your interest in the work of others help you to do this.

Technical Interest

To understand the many different challenges our customers face, you need a basic understanding of and interest in production and IT systems. Continuously expanding your knowledge is the basic principle of Peerox; we want to learn together and develop personally and as a team. If we do everything right, you will learn new exciting things every day.

Can't wait?

Then we would like to get to know you, and look forward to receiving your CV via .
If you arouse our curiosty as well, we would like to invest a lot of time together in the process of getting to know each other.

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