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We are among the top 50

Prices do not make for satisfied customers, good products or functioning business models.

Nevertheless, we are of course very pleased that we have landed among Germany’s top 50 start-ups of 2019 at Out of 741 awarded start-ups from 145 competitions, we have achieved a (we think) great 33rd place. At least according to this ranking, we are among the top 5% in Germany and even No. 1 from Saxony.

Especially in view of the really great innovations from the ecosystem of Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz, etc., this makes us extremely proud. Prizes of this kind serve a good purpose after all. They are a small but very effective external confirmation for our team. Such an impulse can be important, especially during the strenuous lean periods. Sometimes nothing really progresses, or it even feels like things are going backwards. In these times, positive signals like these are very helpful. They show us that we can convince people with our idea and our vision and that people believe in us. Our team draws a lot of strength from this for the next (much more important) stage victories in customer and development projects.

Here you can find an overview of all start-ups, their profiles and backgrounds. The press release is available here.

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