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Logitech Startup 2019 Winner

The first acid test of our new presentation layout in the Peerox corporate design was our application pitch deck for the Logitech Startup Competition in September. And bingo! In November, along with two other award-winning startups, we were able to receive our prize from the hands of Frank Thelen in Bonn. The one-hour meet and greet was a great opportunity to talk about startups and venture capital with perhaps the most visionary pragmatist on the scene. The topics ranged from the widespread bullshit bingo in pitch decks to the impressive vision of changing Europe and the world for the better through strategic investments in suitable companies with 10+x billion potential.

Our prize, the Rally professional video conferencing system, now presents us with a whole new set of challenges: Due to the UHD resolution, we will no longer be able to simply suggest good looks, but will probably have to actually deliver content in the future ;-)

Many thanks to Logitech, as well as to the markenteam for the successful corporate design and to Frank for the valuable food for thought!

Meet & Greet with Frank Thelen at the Logitech award ceremony

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