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Nomination for Founder of the Year

We are very happy about the nom­in­a­tion for Founder of the Year! But what does it actu­ally take to be one?

Cour­age and will­ing­ness to take risks?

Excep­tion­ally good ideas?

Enthu­si­asm for one’s product?

All of our Peers, who togeth­er form a great com­pany, share these qual­it­ies. That’s why we decided – bypassing the ini­ti­at­ors of the award–  😉 that a fab­ulous 13 heads are nom­in­ated at Peer­ox alone. With this num­ber of nom­in­a­tions, our only one-year-old com­pany is on a par with cine­mat­ic mas­ter­pieces like “The Shape of Water”.

Now it’s up to you to fin­ish the fol­low­ing sen­tence by cast­ing your vote by Aug. 16:

And the Oscar Founder of the Year award goes to…

we are nom­in­ated for Founder of the Year.

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