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Peerox for “Peer.gewinnt”

Peer.gewinnt Crowdfunding

The 150% fund­ing rate in the crowd­fund­ing pro­ject speaks for itself. Good luck with Peer.wins!

How awe­some is that! Peer.gewinnt is cre­at­ing a net­work for exchange between young people and demo­crat­ic engage­ment in Sax­ony. The pro­ject has our full atten­tion, and not just because of its prox­im­ity to us by name. We feel com­fort­able in Sax­ony, between climb­ing rocks and swim­ming lakes, baroque and sci­ence. That’s why we want to more firmly anchor the val­ues we stand for as Peer­ox. To this end, we have been sup­port­ing Wirtschaft für ein weltof­fenes Sach­sen e.V. as a spon­sor­ing mem­ber since our founding.

We see sim­il­ar pos­it­ive poten­tial in Peer.gewinnt, and were there­fore happy to sup­port Aktion Zivil­cour­age e. V. in crowd­fund­ing the pro­ject. We wish for good luck with the imple­ment­a­tion and are already look­ing for­ward to the results!

Your Peers 😉

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