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The First Peerox Coding Camp

The combination of ideas from different minds and know-how from different disciplines produces real innovations.
Based on this conviction, we at Peerox advocate a very collaborative way of working, and try to develop new solutions together with experts in different fields. At the same time, we realize that due to the turbulence, intensiveness, and urgency of daily business, we are often distracted from the really important things–the further development of our product and business model.

Therefore, at the end of 2019, we decided to organize a “coding camp” in the first full working week of 2020. In collaboration with colleagues from IVV, freelancers, project partners, and pilot customers, we wanted to make progress on technical issues and help conceptual thoughts on the product and business model mature. At the same time, potential future Peers had the opportunity to get to know us, our MADDOX and our way of working better. Furthermore, the official inauguration of our new office in shared company with our supporters was on the agenda.

To our surprise and great joy, on Monday and Thursday we were able to host up to 15 guests in total in our new office . In large and small groups we discussed, worked, ranted, rejected, drew, ate pizza, drank beer, and laughed. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who made this wonderful coding camp possible — often in your spare time! — through your personal commitment.

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