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We put our server power to work against cancer and the consequences of climate change

We count on; among oth­er things against can­cer

and the Africa Rain­fall Project

These are our stat­ist­ics. Do you want to chal­lenge us? 😉

Our intern­al infra­struc­ture (not the on-premise cus­tom­er sys­tems) runs on ded­ic­ated serv­ers in Ger­man data cen­ters that are powered by green elec­tri­city. There’s no reas­on to let com­put­ing power we don’t need “go to waste”. We’re not tak­ing per­form­ance away from any­one and we’re not increas­ing our car­bon foot­print. That’s why we count on World­Com­munity­Grid for both our serv­ers and some user devices. This is a non-profit plat­form where extremely com­pu­ta­tion­ally intens­ive sci­entif­ic sim­u­la­tions are broken down into many small sub­tasks. For example it is used for research of anti-can­cer agents and Cov­id-19 or cli­mate change adapt­a­tion mod­els. The small sub­tasks are auto­mat­ic­ally down­loaded over the Inter­net to the com­puters and smart­phones of hun­dreds of thou­sands of par­ti­cipants around the world, com­puted using free (unused) pro­cessor capa­city, and sent back. Everyone’s small con­tri­bu­tions, which you don’t even notice as an indi­vidu­al, add up to one of the most power­ful super­com­puters in the world. We have cur­rently already “donated” almost two years of com­put­ing time and cal­cu­lated 6,500 subtasks.

Join us and let your com­puters, smart­phones and serv­ers be part of the sci­entif­ic com­munity in their “spare time”!

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