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We put our server power to work against cancer and the consequences of climate change

We count on; among other things against cancer

and the Africa Rainfall Project

These are our statistics. Do you want to challenge us? ;-)

Our internal infrastructure (not the on-premise customer systems) runs on dedicated servers in German data centers that are powered by green electricity. There’s no reason to let computing power we don’t need “go to waste”; we’re not taking performance away from anyone and we’re not increasing our carbon footprint. That’s why we count on WorldCommunityGrid for both our servers and some user devices. This is a non-profit platform where extremely computationally intensive scientific simulations, for example for anti-cancer agents and Covid-19 or climate change adaptation models, are broken down into many small subtasks. These are automatically downloaded over the Internet to the computers and smartphones of hundreds of thousands of participants around the world, computed using free (unused) processor capacity, and sent back. Everyone’s small contributions, which you don’t even notice as an individual, add up to one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. We have currently already “donated” almost two years of computing time and calculated 6,500 subtasks.

Join us and let your computers, smartphones and servers be part of the scientific community in their “spare time”!

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